About Us

Some things are meant to be everlasting, like passion, love, and our leather pieces.

Just like the former two things that will never waver, our bags use crazy horse leather that looks stronger as it gets scratched and pull up leather that is as strong and as exquisite as time passes. By the time you have them long enough with you, they won’t be merely things to bring but also your loyal, imperishable companions

All of our leathers have the same origin: Garut, Indonesia, a city famed for its leather quality. They are all ethically made by the people who share the same principle with us. The people who believe that quality is the backbone of a brand and a real masterpiece is one that benefits both the people who purchase it and the ones who craft it.

The best craftsmanship and hard-work are poured into every piece. Nothing will make us prouder than when you choose to pursue your passion and love with the bags that we passionately made with love.